Use X to switch plane and the arrow keys to steer (up/down or left/right depending on the plane you're in). . Z to undo, R to restart level.

On 29 September 1940, a mid-air collision occurred over Brocklesby, New South Wales, Australia. The accident was unusual in that the aircraft involved, two Avro Ansons of No. 2 Service Flying Training School RAAF, remained locked together after colliding, and then landed safely. The collision stopped the engines of the upper Anson, but those of the machine underneath continued to run, allowing the aircraft to keep flying. Both navigators and the pilot of the lower Anson bailed out. The pilot of the upper Anson found that he was able to control the interlocked aircraft with his ailerons and flaps, and made an emergency landing in a nearby paddock. All four crewmen survived the incident, and the upper Anson was repaired and returned to flight service.

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The Ansons Brothers is the third part of The Weird-Ass Australia Trilogy, focused on weird Australian historical events from the early 20th century.
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Just finished the final part of the trilogy aka my PhD in Australian History.. What a magnificent testimony to the Australian success-storyspirit | experiment | ability-to-fail-forward

Honestly, it was hard to pick three! 

Now you just need to find a way to get them all into one tag-team puzzlescript finale, à la Jack Lance's Seasons opus:!topic/puzzlescript/KMZfdSgWw1o