A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

It’s been following you for ages

Year after year

Apartment after apartment

But now it’s time

There is no turning back

You need to sort the "Misc." box.

Writing, art, programming : Pierrec
Music : Aurélien Montéro
Additionnal sounds : Jarred Gib,Project_Trident, m_delaparra, Benjamin152, shoman3, Niedec

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(26 total ratings)
AuthorsPierrec, Aurélien Montero
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFemale Protagonist, Narrative, Pixel Art, Short


Misc (English version) 6 MB
Vrac (Version Française) 6 MB
Misc (English & French) for Linux (untested) 9 MB

Install instructions

Extract and run Misc.exe
If it doesn't work, try fiddling with the options in winsetup.exe


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Such a basic design but brought about so much discussion and nostalgic memories of this sort of stuff.

Please keep making stuff!

I will! Thanks

Cool interactive game, at least those texts sounds more exciting than some graphical-based RPG with different levels or armor/etc.

If it could be playable on my browser, it would be even more fun. So far I was just watching a "let's play"-version only.

Sorry, the game was made in Adventure Game Studio who doesn't allow to make web version :(

Well that was easier to do it in the game than it is with my own box waiting in my bedroom... That was nice and quiet.

I liked this a lot! Captures a very specific idea/feeling that comes with moving on from stuff. Definitely worth playing at least once :)) Makes me feel a lot of emotions I thought I'd forgotten. 

I saw some comments being made about the person who made this wanting to expand their idea- well, if you ever see this comment, I for one definitely encourage you to! Even if you simply expand it in writing, I know games are VERY taxing to make :))


I loved this experience through and through. Some of my favorite Itch.io games not only present a great storyline but also make me reflect on my own feelings, which this game actually did as well.

The writing was so relatable and grounded, something that is so hard to pull of right and you sure as hell did. This is top notch quality even her responses/inner dialogue felt so true. 

I unintentionally have also been a fan of your work in prior releases, NFSWare was a rad game.

Will absolutely be following your work in the future. Thanks for this, was a great distraction from the world of today. <3

Thank you very much! I hope I won't disappoint you. Currently I'm writing for this game thegamebakers.com/haven
It's gonna be a big one!

OH MY GOD YOU'RE WORKING ON HAVEN!? I absolutely fell in love with that game during the Steam Game Festival event that the demo was posted, also did a video on that back when.

Yes, I'm the writer for Haven!
I realize I actually saw that video back then (I just checked). Thank you. I hope you will like the game.

i sympathized a little bit. thank you for this


Font is a bit hard to read.  Contrast makes it even harder (dark blue on light blue).  There was a point where I didn't know that clicking the Trash/Keep buttons would advance more flavor text instead of just trashing/keeping the item. Cute concept!  I could see more of a bigger game using this element as a story telling device. Good potential here.

Thank you. I do hope someone will expand the concept. Maybe they'll even want to hire me write it?
Sorry for the font, maybe I'll try using a darker color (but I was trying to stay within the palette)

A very simple but effective game... I also have a lot of memorable items in the box, kinda makes me wonder what to do with those if I move to a new place...

Thank for the video!

a cute fun and relaxing game, i really enjoyed playing. it was peaceful.


Mission accomplished!

Love the game but it randomly froze and i count get off the app. i had to Ctrl, Alt, Delete to get out. but idk if thats just my computer.

Sorry about that. I know it happens to me when I try to get back on windows, with the windows key for example. Maybe it was caused by a notification or something. I don't know how to fix that :/

This was really cute and thoughtful! 

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for your comment

Cute! I'd forgotten about my memory box for a while and this brought it all back!

But what was with the baby shoe!? 



It was so relaxing and thoughtful. It also perfectly reminded me of my own misc. box.


Thank you for the video!

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10 min of break, 10 slow and nice minutes. Thanks.

Thank you for playing

Really nice ! Clever writing, lovely way to tell a story.

Thank you very much!

That was a nice game.