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This game was really cool !! Interesting concept & I too like the character creation best in games lmao

That must crash at last step?


I had a good laugh with this game! Kind of wished it had a different ending, but overall it was still really funny.

Nice game! 

Disappointing that the game seems to end in a crash no matter what. None of the choices matter. It's a fine way to end the game, but it's not clever. I think you should finish it.

This game is really cute. The commentary is clever and the underlying story is equal parts sweet and heartbreaking. Thanks for the game!

I cant get past the NEVER leave or comeback part.

How do I actually play it?

Funny and enjoyable RPG character creating system parrody with a nit of plot. NICE

A rather fascinating game. Kinda wish there was more to it, but I enjoyed it!

Good game, ignore the haters. Loved the ending, leaves much to the imagination lol.

Awesome game, Super funny.

You could have at least had a message at the ending or something. The game just closing made me kind of irritated. Prior to that it was fun, like a genre or game making fun of itself. Just wish there was more to it. Meh.

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this game is hillarieouse!!! Even if it was a joke ,its a pretty damn good joke


This game fucking sucks, infact THERE IS NO GAME! ALL I'M DOING IS WASTING MY PUTTING TOGETHER A CHARACTER JUST FOR IT TO END! Fuck this game, it gets 5 shits for being the worst game ever made since it literally DOESN'T HAVE A GAME TO PLAY! Lazy fucking piece of shit...


if game isn't finished.. ok, i would wait until you finish it.. but if this game is finished it isn't worth even 1$ because i spent a 15 minutes choosing things to let game turn off without any message or something...

its a free game stop complaining you shit

Man this game seems intresting! Please release it for mac so I could play it :)

i saw GloomGames play it and OMG this game is so FUNNY

Tanks 4 creating it!!

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I saw gloom play this and fell in love! I wish it was for Mac too :(

Man this game is just like my life, depressing...


I played and then at the end I chose to never come back, the game crashed.

the game crashes when i chose to never leave lmao

is this on purpose?

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How dare you make me feel feelings!!! >:U

(But in all seriousness I did actually love this game, 5 stars to you!)

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I really liked it! I thought the story was great but I guess some flavor text after the last choice would have been nice. Anyway, I really liked it still :) Thanks for making it

Edit: I replayed it and made a lets play of it ^_^

I paid a dollar I played 4 min...then it failed.


Hi. The game is supposed to stop after the character creation, it's a kind of joke game. I'm sorry you were disappointed. If it can be of any comfort: I didn't get a single cent from that dollar: every "revenue" from my games is given directly to if you didn't like the game, you still can tell yourself you supported an awesome game platform!