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That was a very well written point'n'click adventure - not just that the dialogues were fantastic in my mind, but also the development of the characters and their relationship to each other (especially when one played the sequel). I loved the different paths one could take in that. You made me happy, you made me sad, you made me smile, you made me sorrowful. I admire your storytelling skills, dear Pierre. <3 That's why I wrote a recommendation article about your game and also uploaded a short gameplay video of it, hoping that more people might give it a try. :) Keep up the wonderful work!

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This is great. Few meaningful choices, great as always art style and gxg relation. I love it :D

Beautiful writing as usual. Wonderful music too!


I use Adventure Game Studio to make game, thus I can only make them windows only. (the editor Pixel Hunt was kind enough to port some of them to the web). I should try to learn how to do this myself. Maybe I eventually will... :)

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All your games are kinda strange and lovely at the same time. This story is charming and very well conduced... keep making these games! 5/5

PD: I hope more games of you could be playable on browsers (I'm a linux-default user :p).