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Really interesting!

This game was so creative and /very/ interesting! I had a good time playing it! I would love to have more games like this.

this is a really cool game!! unfortunately my computer kept making it crash :( , but what i did get to play i really enjoyed!

I finished the game and I loved it! It's fun and there are multiple choices . I think that the idea of the game and its concept is really interesting and unique ! I just wish it was longer ,well thanks for the awesome game!

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Is this different from the original release, the AGS one? I downloaded the windows release ( and although I can extract it, when I try to run it, it tells me "Not a valid Win32 application". But thing is I have somewhere else on my PC the first release of your game (yep I love it that much) and it works just fine.

Dunno about other people but it would be a pity for the game to not work, it's such a nice game.



Many people seem to have problem unziping this new version. I don't know what the problem is since I'm not the one who developped this one, and I'm not in good terms with the developpers anymore so I canno't ask :(

So I added the original ludum dare version with the old graphics and english mistakes.

I'm surprised people still remember and want to play this game ! Thanks you, it means a lot (it was one of my first games) !

I could not unzip the file, don't know why...

It works for me with Winrar. Which version did you download and which software dide you use?

The file is "Never Alone Hotline". I use the built-in programm of Windows 7 : after right-click on the zip file, I choose "Extract All". Generally it works, but with this file, it doesn't.

Thanks for your report. I uploaded a new .zip file. Don't know if that'll help. I can't figure out what the problem is here :(