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After all these years of searching, I may have finally found the one. She might be a prolific mass murderer, but hey, that's just love ain't it? ;{)

Hello, I am wondering if I need a seperate application to run the game on Android because the Android file seems to need some sort of external app to run it through. 

loved this game!!! Thank you for creating this game.

here from the youtuber graystillplays, fun game

Thanks a lot ! 


Gotta say, the 10 second time limit really put the stress on me. After playing through it the first time, I kinda got the hang of just quickly skimming what they are saying and replying quickly. I did have a few glitches (namely not being able to select the character I wanted to, and one dialogue issue), however I see that the dev has updated the game, so I assume this issues are resolved (now I want to go back and see if my guess was correct). Feel free to check out the vid below


thank you for your video. Yes, those bugs have been fixed in the last update, sorry about that

It's all good, the game was still funny regardless. Now I gotta go back and see if I was correct lol


The murderer changes every time, so you will never know! (unless you get the exact same clues)


Ohh, that's actually really interesting. Great way to mix up playthroughs!