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hahaha i cant stop laughing. What a funny game! About interesting conversation...

Plans for a mac build?

unfortunately I make my games with Adventure Game Studio and this software doesn't allow mac builds :'(

Alright, I'll play it at work. Goddamnit! ;)

Totally not worksafe :) But worth it!

J'entend tout mais j'ai un écran noir. J'ai pas pu jouer à ton jeu précédent pour la même raison. :/

On windows or linux?

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Windows 10.

Mais j'essaierais sur Ubuntu un de ces jours.


J'ai eu la meme chose. J'ai lancé le Winsetup, enlevé le fullscreen, relancé et ça a fini par marcher.

Ça marche pour moi, merci !

I get:

./Clarinette: 12: ./Clarinette: /tmp/Clarinette (Linux)/data/ags64: not found

Also there are 3 empty folders in the zip, is that on purpose?

I uploaded a new Linux build. Maybe it works now? (Sorry I don't have a linux computer so I can't test it myself :/)

No still the same. Launch script expect ags32 and ags64 but there is only Clarinette.ags in data folder. And both libs folder are empty, as is the licences one.

Hm...I don't know what the problem is. I'm using AGS to generate the Linux Builds. I guess I'm gonna remove the Linux build if it doesn't work. I'm really sorry :(